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The Chiang Rai city lies in the Mae Kok River basin and is about 785 kilometres north of Bangkok. It is situated in the Golden Triangle area where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand converge. The 130 kilometre Mae Kok River flows through the city. Chiang Rai has a lot of natural and historical places of interest for tourists. The King Meng Rai monument honours the monarch who founded Chiang Rai, the stupa of Ku Phra Chao Meng Rai has ashes and ruins of King Mengrai and the ancient pagoda Wat Phra That Doi Thong overlooks the Mae Kok River. The scenery around Haad Chiang Rai promenade and Mae Kok River are other attractions. Visit the Karen and Lahu hill tribe villages alongside the Mae Kok River. Waterfalls and elephant camps are the attractions here. Chiang Rai is also famous for its tasty lychees. You could also join in the festivities at the Songkran Festival, the traditional Thai New Year celebrated on April 13. Take a tour to Chiang Rai city for a better understanding of Thailand’s history and culture on this family holiday.

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Things to do in Chiang Rai city

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