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From being the host to a round in Formula One World Championship to being the economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca is home to a list of noteworthy landmarks. Lying on the Moroccan coast, it offers exciting camel excursions through the Sahara Desert or rejuvenating options at the local beaches. The beaches of Casablanca are especially popular for their night clubs, especially at Ain Diab. Be it the medieval walls of the old medina or the dignified Hassan II Mosque (the biggest mosque outside Saudi Arabia), Casablanca offers an unforgettable experience with its seaside promenade at the La Corniche. Also visit the Notre Dame de Lourdes, the City Hall, the Royal Palace and the Casablanca Techno Park. You could even ski in the High Atlas. Casablanca is an ideal holiday destination by the Atlantic coast.

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Things to do in Casablanca

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