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Book Warner Bros. Studio tours and tickets on isango at the best prices! Enjoy a taste of Hollywood with a behind-the-scenes look at TV and movie sets and explore the location where famous films and TV shows like Friends, Batman, The Big Bang Theory, and The Ellen Show were made. Explore the sprawling 44-hectare backlot, the sound stage and visit both the Warner Bros. Archive and The Prop Department. This is your chance to explore a real Hollywood working studio and explore the sets of some of the most iconic movies and TV shows ever! See the original props and costumes of the movies Wonder Woman, the Harry Potter Series, and Fantastic Beasts located inside the Warner Bros. Archive. Warner Bros Studio tours are immensely popular so book online to avoid waiting in line for hours. Looking for the saver deals and best-value prices? Keep your eyes peeled for the best deals on isango!
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High demand, seasonal availability and unexpected closures can be the reason. We're working on getting it up and running. Meanwhile, you can search for other activities on our website. We don’t want you to leave disappointed!

Our tips for Warner Bros Studios L.A

Book online: Book online instead of at the studio as the prices at the main entrance are steeper. And who wants to wait endlessly in long lines? Booking online also ensures that you enjoy some great discounts and deals and save a ton of dough! Tailor the tour: If you want to check out the sets of your favorite show, just ask your guide and you’ll be given a detailed behind-the-scenes tour. TMZ tour: The TMZ tour is nothing short of a show on wheels! Take the tour after visiting Warner Bros Studio and continue to enjoy a dose of LA’s celebrity culture. See where celebrities’ hangout in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip. Photography restricted: Since it is a working studio, photography and video making is restricted. Your tour guide will give you a heads up on the areas that are not to be photographed.

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There’s a lot of action on weekdays as it is a working studio. Weekends guarantee a more detailed tour but the studio is completely empty. So choose as per your preference. During school holiday, you will need to book several months ahead. The studio is open daily and the best way to avoid the crowds is by taking the early tours.

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