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Dead Sea

Spend a day, well, floating away on the most unique stretch of water on the planet. A truly once in a lifetime experience. An Amman Dead Sea tour is unlike any other and one of Jordan's most exciting destinations. You're heading to the lowest point on earth to a historical landscape that is unchanged. A place with a historical and spiritual legacy. Not forgetting that it's a beauty health spa! So, enrich yourself, give your body a luxurious treatment session. Amman Dead Sea tours, a trip where you can lay back, not sink and soak up the sun rays. Float away for the day.

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Our tips for Dead Sea

  • Best not shave: Perhaps best to avoid having any cuts when you visit the dead sea! It's 34% salt, and that's going to sting if you have a cut. So save the shaving for another day. 
  • Other dos and don'ts: There are a few dos and don'ts for visiting the dead sea. Don't splash, and don't wear a new bikini. But do bring your camera, well it's a unique place after all. Do enjoy the mud, it's good for you.
  • Drink plenty of water: It might seem strange to mention, but you are in a hot country, so dehydration can be a problem. So be careful and drink water, even if the locals don't. 

Good to know

Visiting Jordan during the spring is a great time to see Jordan in bloom. The days are warm and the night cool. Perfect then, for some wellness in the mud and floating on the waters.

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