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isango! is a specialist retailer of tours, experiences and attraction tickets. Through our award-winning website - we allow consumers to research and book all their holiday activities online. is the flagship website of Isango! Limited. Isango! Limited manage and operate a range of brands including Love Orlando Tickets , Just London Theatre Breaks and Paris Magic Moments as well as destination specialist sites such as Local Paris Tours. In 2013 Isango! Limited served customers in more than 150 countries. Isango! Limited is part of the TUI Travel PLC group of companies.

And in case you were wondering… isango is the Zulu word for gateway… think of us as your gateway to the world.

We, like you, are travellers who have come to expect that the online sites ought to offer much more than telling us what the best price is to get from A to B, or giving us a list of hotels in a particular city. There have got to be sites like that but we think that online travel should move to the next level. We believe we travel to do things, find out about cultures, people, places...
and see what the world has to offer. How many times have we come back raving about the great flight we had? Perhaps not that often. We come back and talk about what we did there, how great the safari was, the fascinating drive through the wineries, or simply the great boat ride that we had. We talk about experiences. That is the purpose of our travel…that is why we board the flight, and endure it all the way, in the first place.

This is where we felt online sources were not helping much. First, to tell you all about a destination - the stuff you need to know to understand a place, and have a complete view of the experiences you can find over there. Then, to bring those products together under one roof for you to plan and book in the most convenient way.

Our brand mascot Blossom was born into a colony of 200 in the lush English countryside and from the very start it was clear that she was a very different kind of bee. While her friends would spend their days buzzing from one flower to the next, Blossom would practice bungee jumping from the tallest of sunflowers, travel to the very edges of the field she called home and converse with... everyone and anyone she met on her expeditions.

Her teeny field soon proved too small for her thirst for adventure and with well-wishings from her family and friends she embarked on a journey across the globe. So far she has seen the pyramids of Egypt, strolled through the sumptuous rooms of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, tasted wines in France and tucked into a delicious BBQ on the Fourth of July in Tennessee… The more she travels the more she wants to see.

Blossom is our inspiration when it comes to travelling. Tasting, smelling, seeing and touching her way through the world – forever searching for that next big adventure. With her expertise and guidance, you'll be sure to find the best things to do and see wherever in the world you're headed!

Free-up holiday time make informed decisions Secure cheaper-than-destination prices

Reliable hand-picked operators Book in the language you understand

Beat the quest - Save hassle

Avoid disappointment - Tours sell out

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Grow your customer loyalty and build a new revenue stream by offering the ability to book the colorful, memory-making aspect of your visitor's travel experiences. Your customers will be able to choose from thousands of activities across the globe searchable by destination, activity type or theme, and growing daily in volume and geographical range.

We have a number of options for affiliates and partners ranging from click-through graphics and links through to full XML Dynamic Packaging solutions - it's up to you to decide what might work best for both your consumers and your bottom line.

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At isango! we are always interested in hearing from suppliers who can offer memorable holiday experiences to our customers across the world. Whether you offer an adrenaline-pumping bungee-jump or an informative art history tour, we can help you reach the customers that fit your products.

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