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Customer Support philosophy

Our aim within Customer Support is to maintain a relationship with you, before and after, you have experienced our services, and to ensure that you wish to choose isango! again

We endevor to respond quickly and appropriately, whilst providing other departments within isango! with the feedback needed to improve our services.

With you, for you, always

We are here to help you dip, dive, run and hike whatever you want…choose from a wide range of activities and excursions around the world. We provide you with live, around the clock professional support.

Our fully trained and experienced staff will respond to your queries and concerns about your experience with isango! They can help you with anything from helping you plan your ideal holiday to assist you with the booking.

We are reachable round the clock

Customer Service Numbers

  • UK 0203 355 1240
  • USA 1-866­ 663­ 7017
  • Canada 1-866 682 9791
  • Australia 1-800 008 739
  • Germany 089 6667 9194
  • India 0124 4148173
  • International +44 0203 355 1240


isango! United Kingdom
10 Furnival Street,
London EC4A 1YH, UK

isango! Asia Pacific
RNYC ARK, 1st Floor
Next to Signature Towers
South City 1, Gurgaon 122001, INDIA

Please fill in the enquiry form below for an email response.
Whatever the issue, our Customer Service team is always available to help you. We guarantee a direct email response within 1 working day.


Please send your resume at


Find comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about isango!!, registration, products and destinations, bookings and cancellations, payment options and many other queries. Click on the link below to view relevant FAQs. Please write to us at

Click on the links below for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Account registration and password

1. How do I register with isango!!?
It's easy to register with isango!! Just click on My isango!! above, then on Register Now. You can also click here

2. Why should I register with isango!!?
By registering with isango!! we save you the trouble of repeatedly typing your details when you make a booking. We also keep track of all your reservations, should you need to change dates or cancel. Additionally, you can opt to receive the latest travel deals from us via email newsletter.

3. How do I change my password?
Click on My isango!! above, sign in to your account and then click on ‘change password'.

4. How do I sign into my account if I forget my password?
If you've forgotten your password, click on My isango! above, then on ‘forgot Password'. We will immediately send your password to your email address.

5. How do I edit my account information?
Sign in to My isango! above and click on the ‘Update profile' link. Once you've updated the necessary account information, click on ‘save'.

6. How do I log off of the site when I am finished?
Click on ‘Logout' on the main menu and you will be logged off.


isango! & its services

1. What does isango! mean?
isango! Is a Zulu word meaning the 'Gateway'. Some of us like to think of isango! as the gateway to the world.

2. How is isango! different from other travel sites?
isango! brings you the richest collection of experience-led products from around the world. Our dedicated focus on activities, tours and excursions, makes not only our product offering unique, but also provides a consultative experience in helping you plan your holiday activities and choose from a vast range of such activities.

3. What's the benefit of booking destination activities and excursions prior to departure?
There are several very good reasons why you should book these trips and activities in advance. If there's one, it is – so that you can make the most of your trips. For the more curious ones in you, our favorite picks are:

  • Make sure you don't miss out on anything worthwhile. You will not, perhaps, visit your destination again in the near future.
  • Avoid disappointment: Popular tours are popular for a reason and they sell out well in advance.
  • Relax while on holiday: don't turn it into a stressful planning and negotiation exercise.
  • Sign language does not always work! Getting the best advice and organizing your tours and activities at the destination is not always easy... especially when your language skills are limited to the 'quick tips' section of the guide books.
  • Book conveniently online from your home and in your currency. No frustrating moments trying to navigate a call centre.
  • Spread the costs and budget before your travel.Your holiday cash is now freed up for treats and shopping.

You can read more on our Why isango!? section.

Sometimes, people prefer booking tours and activities directly at the destinations because they want to:

  • Maintain flexibility: well, if this is one reason keeping you from hitting the'buy now' button, fear not - we have taken care of it. Please see our Cancellation Policy.
  • Get the best prices. We provide you the Isango Price Guarantee on all products that you buy from us.
  • Get adequate protection for your booking: We are adequately bonded for the relevant business providing you the financial protection otherwise not available to you - your money is safe with us should anything go wrong and your booking is not fulfilled With isango!, do your research, pre-book your tours and activities and enjoy your vacation.

4. Do we pay a lower price while booking online through isango!?
isango! sources products directly from local suppliers in a destination, and does not have several intermediaries unlike traditional tour operators and agents. This makes us much cheaper than other travel agents and tour operators and allows us to provide you with a 'Best price guarantee' that ensures that you always end up paying the lowest price on the web for a particular travel product. If you are able to find the same product at a lower price on another website, we will refund twice the difference to you.

5. What is the contact address for isango!?
You can find all isango contact addresses on the Contact Us section.

6. Who are the key partners / affiliates for isango!?
We source our products through local destination management companies (DMCs) for the countries that we cover. These DMCs are our main partners on the supply side. On the demand side, we partner with a variety of online and offline players in the travel industry where our products are complementary to the services they provide.

7. How can we partner with isango!?
We would be pleased to hear from you and explore partnership opportunities. Please write in to and someone from our Partnerships team will get in touch with you shortly.

8. Can travel agents book activities and excursions through isango!?
Yes, travel agents can book on behalf of customers. If you are a travel agent, please contact us at

9. How will my personal information be protected? What 'isango!' privacy policy?
isango! understands and respects the importance of your privacy and visitors to our website can be assured that the protection of personal data is given the highest possible priority. All personal information that we collect is used and held to comply in every way possible with the Data Protection Act 1998. isango! only obtains personal information from you if we ask for it and you provide it to us. For details of this privacy policy please click here.

10. What are the terms of use of the isango! website?
Please refer our 'Terms of Use'.

11. What are the terms of booking with isango!?
Please refer our 'Booking Terms & Conditions'.


Products & destinations

1. What kind of products does isango! offer?
isango! is all about exciting experiences. We help you find activities, tours, excursions, and some resort experiences, from all over the world. Our products range from half a day activities such as a helicopter ride over a glacier, to extended tours of 5-7 days exploring a region or country. We strive to offer the widest range of products to meet all interest and budgets, and to allow you to find what will meet your interests. Do you like diamonds? Penguins? Racing? Star Wars? Wine? Try our keyword search, we've found something for you!

2. I have a specific question about the excursion or activity itinerary.
Don't hesitate to ask any specific questions. On each product description page you can find a feedback area labeled “Was this information helpful”? Type in your question (and your email if you want a reply!) and submit it: we will answer. Our product descriptions are continuously updated with questions submitted by our clients.

3. Why can't I book flight tickets on isango!?
We believe there are a number of websites out there offering great deals and great service on flight bookings. In contrast, there is very little online when it comes to activities and excursions. Providing a good online service in this area requires a dedicated focus which we do not want to compromise

4. How do I find out about special offers?
Please subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for special offers.

5. How do I access Customer Service at isango!?
isango! Provides 24/7 support where you can mail in your queries / complaints to us at customer care team will revert to you within a working day. You can also reach us at UK: 0203 355 1240, US: 1-866-633-7017, International: +44 (0)203 355 1240.

6. Can I get dropped off after my tour to my hotel or in the city?
Most travel service providers can drop you off at a major hotel or city location, depending on their schedule on the day. Check the itinerary description. If drop off is not part of the standard service, try to ask for a special arrangement directly with the service provider prior to or on the day of travel.

7. What languages are available for this tour?
The majority of the tours and services provided by isango! are available in English. If another language besides English is available, this will also be mentioned in the inclusions section on the product description.

8. Can you send me a brochure?
Our activity pages are electronic and are only displayed on the web. You can print or email them to you friends, or share them through the most popular bookmarking sites. You should find all the information you need about your desired travel product on these pages. If there are other details you would like to know that are not specified anywhere, don't hesitate to type a question directly on the product page or contact the isango! Customer Service team via email.

9. Can you tell me what hotels are close to the departure point?
If you require information about services outside of what is provided by isango! (such as hotel accommodation near the departure point for a tour), we advise that you contact your local licensed travel agent, or the local tourist bureau for that destination. Most tourist offices have a website that can be found by using a web search engine.

10. Can you provide a customized tour for myself and/or my group?
isango! offers a wide range of individual tours, events and attractions, with several sub-options. Should you require more specific and customized services we can certainly help you – contact our Customer Service team via email or phone.

11. Does this tour pick up from the airport?
Most day tours and sightseeing tours do not offer airport pick ups. If a tour does offer airport pick ups, this information will be listed on the activity page in the Inclusions section.

12. Can you give me directions or maps from one place to another?
isango! is able to assist you with any questions specifically relating to our products. For generic maps or directions, you can check out one of several map provider web sites specializing in this service.

13. Do I require any sort of photo identification?
Yes, the tour operator who is providing the service requires valid photo ID such as a passport, driver's license or any other form of identification displaying a current photo of the lead traveler in the booking. This is required to protect your purchase.


Payment Options

1. What payment options does isango! have?
Currently we accept payments using Master, VISA, Amex credit cards and VISA debit cards only.

2. How do I know that my credit card information is safe on your site?
isango! is a VeriSign Secure Site. Any information you enter when transacting over isango! is sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional information disclosure to third parties. You will notice that when you move from the passenger information page to the payment page, the URL changes from http:// to https://. This shows that you are on a secure channel..

3. What Is the Card Verification Number (CVV) on my credit card?
The card security code is a unique three or four-digit number printed on your debit/credit card. This number is not embossed on the card and not printed on sales receipts - making it difficult for anyone other than the genuine cardholder to know it. Some card issuers refer to this number as the 'Card Security Code' others as the 'Personal Security Code' and others as 'Card Verification Value'.

4. Where is the Card Verification Number (CVV) located on my credit card?
Visa/MasterCard: Three-digit code after the last four digits of your credit card number on the back of the card within the signature field.

5. Under what name will my purchase be charged on the credit card statement?
Your purchase will be charged under isango!

6. What currencies can I buy in?
You can buy in all major world currencies, including UK Pound Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD), and Euros (EUR), and several others. You can see the full list and change currency by using the list on the top of each page.

7. I keep getting a credit card error whilst trying to book, what do I do?
If you are receiving an error, here are some potential reasons why:

  • There might be a small error on the card number, the expiration date or the CVV security code.
  • You entered an address not matching the billing address stored by the issuing credit card company. Try to verify and change your billing address.
  • Some information may be missing, such as zip code, state (for USA), telephone number, etc.
  • Your account does not have sufficient funds to cover the transaction being booked.

Please check the entered details on the booking form and try again. If still unsuccessful, please contact Isango's Customer Service.

8. Is there another way to book than online?
isango! is a complete online travel company and uses a completely secure and automated booking system, therefore we can only accept bookings made online, using an authorized and valid credit card. Fax, telephone or other booking methods are not accepted. Should you encounter any difficulties with your online booking, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team for help.


Bookings & Cancellations

1. What is an “On Request” booking?
Generally we are keen on confirming your bookings instantly – we know you are too! However, for some products we need to revert to our suppliers to check for up to the minute availability status. For such 'On Request' products we take a maximum of two working days to confirm availability to you.
When you make an 'On Request' booking, you are confirming your intent of purchase, subject to availability. You authorise payment towards the product, but your card will only be charged if the product is confirmed. We will not charge you if the product is not available.
Whether the activity or tour is confirmed or not, you will receive an email from us within two working days updating you on the status.

2. How do I know my activity has been booked?
Your confirmation voucher contains a booking reference number and gives you the status of your reservation. Most activities are confirmed immediately while others require a special request to be sent to the local provider. In this latter case, you will also receive an email when final confirmation has been provided. The latest status of your reservations can be seen on your My isango! account page.

3. Do I need to confirm my bookings with the tour operator?
Once booked online, your reservation is confirmed. In some cases, the local service provider might ask you to reconfirm that you arrived safely at the destination by calling them one or two days before the excursion date. The supplier email and phone number are mentioned on your confirmation voucher.

4. Can I book this when I get there?
isango! products can only be booked online. It is recommended you pre book your travel service to avoid disappointment as many of the isango! tours and products can be sold out early. If you wish to wait and book at the destination, you will need to contact a local travel service provider once at that destination.

5. When will I get confirmation of my booking?
Many of our products can be booked and confirmed instantly on the website. For these, you get a confirmation voucher, which is effectively a proof of booking as well as a useful reminder of all key facts that you need to know about the booked product(s). The voucher is also sent to you as email, on completion of the booking. You must print the voucher and carry it with you. For some products, we need to check back with our suppliers before confirming availability. In these cases we will email you the confirmation as soon as it is confirmed, or inform you of non-availability if the product could not be confirmed.

6. Can I cancel booked products? What is Isango's cancellation policy?
We understand that sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Our cancellation policy is designed to minimise penalties to you in case you need to change your plans. You can cancel the booking online by visiting the link provided to you in the confirmation email or through your isango! account.
In case you prefer to write an email to cancel the booking, please note that we will be able to do so only on the next working day - and higher cancellation charges may apply if it falls in a different band as explained below. On request products can be cancelled only after our supplier has confirmed the reservation. In other words, the online cancellation facility will not be available to you while your request is being processed.
We classify our products into activities (duration less than one day) and extended tours (duration greater than one day) and have two sets of cancellation policies for activities and extended tours.
The cancellation policy for activities (duration of one day or less) is

  • More than 7 days prior to time of departure No cancellation charge
  • Between 4 and 7 days prior to time of departure 30% cancellation charge
  • Less than 3 days prior to time of departure 100 % cancellation charge
The cancellation policy for extended tours (duration of more than one day) is
  • Greater than 30 days prior to time departure No cancellation charge
  • Between 30 and 15 days prior to time of departure 15% cancellation charge
  • Between 15 and 8 days prior to time of departure 50% cancellation charge
  • Less than 7 days prior to time of departure 100 % cancellation charge

However, there are a few products which have cancellation policies different from the above. You should refer to the product details page for product specific cancellation policy.

7. I need to make a correction to the names, titles, ages in the booking and get a new voucher.
If you have misspelled the lead traveler name, or mismatched children ages, you can send the isango! Customer Service an email and we will make the necessary amendments. For other corrections there is no need to reissue vouchers.

8. Can I change the number of travelers on an existing booking?
If you wish to increase the number travelers in your already completed booking, then book again the same product online for additional passengers, subject to availability.
If you wish to reduce the number travelers in your already completed booking, contact our Customer Service team by email or phone, with your booking reference number. Note that cancellation charges may apply.

9. Can I change the dates of my reservation?
Yes you can. We understand that plans change and we're not going to penalise you for that, we'll give as much flexibility as we can before or even during your trip. Feel free to call the isango! Customer Service before you travel. If you need any last minute changes once you're there, just call your tour operator - we'll provide you with that number too. All changes are subject to availability.

10. What happens if there is a rate change between my time of booking and the start date of the tour?
Managing such revisions would be Isango's responsibility. You would not be required to pay any extra.

11. What is my proof of purchase?
You can use the isango! confirmation voucher as proof of purchase.

12. How soon will I get my 'On Request' booking confirmed?
For all your bookings that are 'On request', you will be receiving a confirmation (or non-availability) within 4 business days. Your credit card will only be charged in case of confirmed booking.

13. What does the price guarantee mean and how is isango! able to guarantee the lowest prices?
At isango!, we are committed to offering you with the best value at all times and we work very hard to achieve this by keeping an eagle eye on the market prices. We guarantee that we will always provide you with the lowest cost, highest quality experiences.

We are not infallible though, and in cases where you find the same product cheaper anywhere else within 3 days of booking with us (online, offline or even in-destination), we will refund you twice the difference.
All you need to do is to send us the proof of the lower price by email to or post it to any of isango! contact addresses that can be found the Contact Us section.
We may call upon the supplier who did beat our price to verify the details of their lower prices. We reserve the right to do so.
The refund would be made on the same credit/debit card which was used at the time of original booking.

14. Can I book over the telephone?
Yes you can! You can call UK: 0203 355 1240, US: 0203 355 1240, International: +44 0203 355 1240 in case of urgent reservations, any questions, claim resolution or suggestions.

15. Can I book flights / hotels / car rentals through you?
isango! does not offer bookings for flights, cars or hotels. We believe there are a number of websites out there offering great deals and great service on flight, hotels or car rental services. On the opposite, there is a lot we find missing when it comes to activities and excursions. Providing a good online service in this area requires a dedicated focus which we do not want to compromise.

16. Where can I get a travel insurance?
isango! does not sell travel insurance but we strongly recommend you to purchase a policy. Medical expenses in remote countries can cost several tens of thousands of dollars/euros/pounds. Before you purchase a policy check if you are not already covered thanks to your personal medical insurance or your credit card service. If that is not the case, you should seek the advice of a local insurance company for a quotation.

17. I don't have a printer to print the voucher, what do I do?
You can forward the email containing your voucher link to another email address, where that computer has access to a printer (for example a work email address). If you do not have this alternative available to you, contact isango! Customer Service. It is essential that you travel with a printout of your voucher, which is unique to your booking and is your proof of purchase. The voucher must be presented together with valid photo ID upon commencement of your selected tour, and you may not be permitted to join the tour without the voucher. There may also be separate instructions on your voucher, under the Important Notes field, which you will need to read in advance of your tour.


Trouble Shooting

1. Do my browser's privacy settings affect my experience?
isango! works with most levels of your browser's privacy settings, so your experience will not change.

2. Can I book on isango! if I'm using Mac OS?
We love Apple and we love the Mac, so someone would get shot if isango! didn't support the Mac OS.

3. Some areas of the site look messed up or a little bit old.
We do our best to serve you hot, fresh content. If you still see things that seem outdated, try clearing your browser cached data as follows:

  • On Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options> click Delete on the Browsing History section.
  • On Thunderbird : Tools > Clear Private data (Ctrl+Shift+Del).

4. The speed of the website is slow?
Please check your connection with your Internet Service Provider.

5. What do I do if my booking is not completed?
We are sorry for this unlikely inconvenience. Please try again or contact our Customer Service team by e-mail or phone. If your booking process fails during a payment process, we will notify you if any erroneous charges have been incurred.

6. Does this site use cookies?
To make us more responsive to the needs and interests of our visitors, we use cookies. These cookies help us tailor our site to your needs, and deliver a more personalized service
The use of cookies is an industry standard and many web sites use them to provide useful features for you. Cookies do not personally identify you, only your computer.

7. I have not received an email I was expecting from isango!
Some email internet providers can mark general booking emails such as those sent from isango! as 'spam' - please check your spam folder for previous email replies.
If you have your spam filter set on the highest ranking, only emails from senders in your address box will go into your inbox. Any other emails (such as replies from internet sites you have booked on) will go into a 'spam' folder. These emails can sit in this folder for up to 7 days and then your email system will automatically delete them.

8. I'm getting errors / blank pages when I am trying to book, what is the problem?
Errors can sometimes occur as pages can be 'cached'. We recommend you 'refresh' or 'reload' your pages and try again. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact isango! Customer Service via email or phone with the problem details, including the page you are viewing, the exact error message you are receiving, and the date and time the problem occurred.

9. I am receiving an error message I don't understand.
There could be many reasons for this. Please contact the 24/7 isango! Customer Service via email, with details of the page you are viewing, the exact error message you are receiving, and the date and time the problem occurred.

10. It has been 24 hours since I booked and I have not received a confirmation email?
The confirmation voucher for activities is automatically mailed to you as soon as the credit card transaction is made. Please note that your credit card will not be charged until your booking is confirmed.
For all your bookings that are 'On request', you will be receiving a confirmation (or non-availability) e-mail within 4 business days.


Need some help?

Call us 24/7 on 0203 355 1240 See all our local numbers Email us:

Why isango!
Our promises

Best price guarantee
We guarantee to provide you with the lowest prices. Find the same activity or hotel cheaper and we will refund the difference.

No cancellation fees
We are obsessed with negotiating flexible cancellation policies, because we understand things happen and plans change.

Peace of mind
Avoid disappointment of tours selling out, skip the queue, and plan ahead to free up your holiday time.

Hand-picked suppliers
All of our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure that they provide the best service at a competitive price.