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Algarve, the southernmost part of Portugal has been a coveted destination for conquerors and visitors alike. It was once ruled by the Moors and is now heavily patronised by British, German, and Dutch tourists. Visit Algarve and you too will become bewitched by its aquamarine coastline that stretches for 155 kilometres. You will discover sandy beaches, rocky bays, grotesque limestone grottos and picturesque fishing villages. You will find fascinating traces of Moorish architecture reflected in the whitewashed houses, with their terraces and chimneys. For lovers of sport and adventure, there is a network of golf courses and water sports galore. The towns of Algarve have a have a vibrant nightlife and you can get the best of international cuisine, including delicious local dishes like ‘cataplana’ clams and roasted, dried octopus on the grill. Come to Algarve and let the region’s charm carve a permanent place in your memories.

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