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The Sinai Peninsula is a great triangle of land, 36,600 miles in area with long coasts, high granite mountains, deep chasms and fertile green oases. It has its fascinating history, holy places and unique beauty. A visit to the Monastery of St. Katherine and Mount Moses is a definitive must in Sinai. The climbing to Mount Moses is relatively easy, and the sight of the sun rising among the mountains is stunning. One of the natural wonders of Sinai, the Coloured Canyon, is awe-inspiring. This narrow desert canyon is an unforgettable sight. Take a walk in between dramatic sandstone canyon walls streaked with melting yellows, purples, reds, magentas, and gold. Mount Sinai, just south of the Monastery of St Katherine, has great religious significance for Jews, Christians and Muslims. The climb takes about three hours but the view from the top is truly breathtaking, especially at sunrise.

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