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From the city of La Paz, the highest capital of the world, take the most exciting ride of your life! The challenge lies in negotiating some sudden blind turns, misty forests and waterfalls that gush on to the path while descending from the cool Altiplano at 12,000 feet to the warm tropical lowlands of Yungas at 1000 feet. Meet witches in La Paz's market. Part of Bolivian folklore, these witches can be seen loitering around in traditional attire from yester years. Buy magical remedies like coloured sweets, herbs, talismans and magic charms to attain good luck or ward off evil from your house. You could even buy some more unusual items like snake skins, dried caimans and dried llama foetuses. Visit the Moon valley and check out the strange rock formations that appear similar to surface of the moon.

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La Paz - highest capital in the world