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About isango!

Before you Experience the WORLD with us, you may have a few questions, it's only fair. Here's the lowdown on who we are and what we do...

Our mission statement

Our mission is “to empower every person to experience the uniqueness of the world with us”. Across 300+ destinations, our tours, activities and things to do offer unique and breath-taking moments for first-time travellers, locals and everyone in between. As a customer-centric organisation, we consider our mission statement to be a commitment to our customers and we deliver on that commitment by constantly developing our portfolio of hand-picked, curated experiences to showcase the very best travel adventures, all available to research and book at your fingertips.

We sell travel experiences

Thousands of them, in over 300 destinations across the world (and our portfolio is growing by the day). From a ticket to the Louvre to a camel ride in the Australian outback, you'll find it all right here on our easy-to-use website.

Because experiences are why we travel

Our vision statement

Here at isango!, our vision is “to help people experience the world in enriching, insightful ways. Travel for us is about immersing in new places; new cultures; new conversations. It's about connecting to something outside of the everyday. We work as that connector.

In offering these unique travel moments, we want to become the reason people travel and discover, we want to become the reason people board their flight or check into their hotel.

We want to be the precursor, the innovator, the name known for experiential travel – be that a bus tour today or space travel tomorrow (we're working on it).

We do things a little differently

We handpick our tours - We don't offer every single version of every single experience like other companies do. Instead, we handpick the ones we think enable you to experience the uniqueness of the WORLD whilst hitting our own high customer satisfaction standards thus saving you time by taking the legwork out of comparing multiple options.

We curate our content - we don't simply copy and paste content that is provided to us by our amazing network of suppliers. Instead, our kick-ass content writers start from the very beginning and write all of our content afresh so that it is relevant and digestible for you, the customer

But we make sure we still cover the important things

Things like...
Flexible Cancellation Policy – we're like you, we understand that plans can change
Barcoded Vouchers – to redeem on your phone (who prints these days anyway?)
Real-time Availability – so you can plan your trip right down to the minute!
Customer first culture – you're the king – and we never forget it. The folks over at Feefo have verified this by the way...
Premium service, without the premium price tag – despite all the above we understand the bottom line is value for money. Our excellent supplier relationships guarantee you won’t find the same activity cheaper elsewhere – go on, we dare you to prove us wrong!

We've come a long way

We started in 2007, at which time (as is de riguer with startups) we were simply a handful of dreamers, stationed out of Starbucks armed with mobile phones and laptops. Fast forward to today, and we're part of the Hotelbeds Group of Companies, one of travel's most respected brands. We've a large, skilled and multi-disciplinary team, an expansive supplier network, successful b2b partnerships and most importantly; happy customers in every corner of the globe.

But we're not done yet

New products, website enhancements, new partnerships – we're working on them all. Simultaneously. One day we hope to be taking you to Experience SPACE with us – watch this space!

And it's not just activities

We also sell city breaks. Love the theatre? Head to Mad about Theme Parks? Check out

Want to join the journey?

Then we'd love to hear from you:

If you'd like to list your tours, activities or attractions on our website then contact

If you'd have a partnership proposal or want to learn more about our industry-leading b2b programme get in touch with

We love affiliates.. if you want to join our successful affiliate network it's

If you have a press or a PR enquiry, write to us as

Can you write killer content – or killer code? Love delving into data – or helping customers travel dreams become reality? Send a resume to

And last, but by no means least.. if you're a customer ready to Experience the WORLD with us, we're ready to make that happen on

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