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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – The Ultimate Travel Experience

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
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Soaring over one of the nature’s marvels on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is one of the world’s ultimate travel experiences. The mighty Grand Canyon stretches for over 200 miles and has been carved by the Colorado River over the last six million years. Superlatives cannot do justice to the Grand Canyon and many visitors are left awe-struck by the vast, plummeting canyon.

Lying in the state of Arizona the Grand Canyon is within easy reach of America’s “sin city” Las Vegas. A range of options are available for those wishing to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. To truly appreciate the size and scale of the Grand Canyon be sure to take one of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours on offer, however for another perspective many of the Helicopter Tours can be combined with sightseeing in the Grand Canyon by coach, hummer, river boat, ATV and much more.

The Grand Canyon is split into three Rims; the West (which is the closest to Las Vegas) can be reached by land from Las Vegas in around 3 hours or by air in around 45 minutes. For those short on time you take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and be back in the casinos within 2hours 30 minutes. Or if you can afford the whole day then there are a great range of air and ground combination tickets. The West Rim is home to the world famous skywalk; a plexiglass platform that stretches out over the end of the Canyon with nothing but emptiness beneath you.

The other two Rims; South and North lie further from Las Vegas and therefore can only be reached by air. For most of these tours you will travel to and from the Grand Canyon by a fixed wing place but many include a helicopter tour which will take you down below the rim of the Grand Canyon.