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Bristling feathers, dazzling sequins and high kicks timed to perfection constitute a performance at the Lido show Paris, which has been wowing audiences for decades. The now world famous Bluebell Girls dance, prance and delight in this exclusive Paris location. The venue for the Lido show Paris is on the Champs-Élysées and is specially designed for entertaining guests to the highest standard, as there are no pillars between the audience and stage. A three-course dinner from one of Paris’s most popular chefs is served before the main event begins, setting the stage for a spectacular evening. As the dinner plates are taken away, the orchestra pit sinks slightly, optimizing viewing for all 1150 spectators.

There are a few things which set this venue apart from its rival, the Moulin rouge. Firstly there is the location. Champs Elysees is a more classy place than Pigalle, which is where the Moulin Rouge is located. The show also attracts a lot of Parisians, making the show more authentic and less touristy than its fellow rivals. The show combines traditional cabaret with some 21st Century touches. Then there is the set out of the auditorium. It is designed so that everybody watching the show is able to get a clear view of the stage as it gradually slopes upwards away from the stage. The Lido also only employs internationally renowned chefs, making sure everybody has a fulfilling, quality meal prior to the show.

Over 700 costumes during the course of the show adorn 70 lithe performers who make dancing in stilettos with a foot high feather headdress look elegant and positively easy. Famous not only for the inspired choreography but also the elaborate costumes, which turn this musical show into a visual phenomenon, it is easy to understand the continued success of this historical tradition. The boundless energy of the performers infects the venue, making for an unforgettable night out at the Lido Show Paris. The current show, Bonheur was premiered in 2008 and has received praise from international audiences.

It tells the story of one woman’s search for happiness across the globe, mixing storytelling and cabaret in a way only rivalled at the most famous red windmill across the city. Bonheur does not compromise on either and, like many of the cabaret clubs across Paris, uses the show and the dancers for so much more than just a bit of gratuitous nudity. If you are looking for a well-constructed, interesting, entertaining and classy evening suitable for all those above the age of 18 then there are few clubs that can compete with the Lido Show Paris. This year is the time to visit as the club is celebrating the centenary of the birth of the founder of the Bluebell girls who still dazzle audiences in the clulb today. Although slightly less shocking to the audiences of today than the ones of 1948 when they peeked out from behind the red curtains for the first time they still have the unrivalled job of bringing to life a spectacular show of life, colour and a flock load of feathers.