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Book a spectacular night at the Crazy Horse Paris



For a night out in Paris many visitors are desperate to experience the cabaret at the Moulin Rouge, but the Crazy Horse Paris, is just as spectacular and set in a more intimate and enigmatic venue, making it one of the most intriguing things to do in Paris. Billed as the most avant-garde of all the Paris night shows, it is less explosive and incredibly more suggestive than others available. Always shocking and subversive, the Crazy Horse Paris intends to display the female form in novel, enticing and curious ways with the use of lights, scenery and garments that can barely be described as costumes.


The Crazy Horse Paris is staged in what used to be wine cellars on the Avenue George V, and is most certainly an underground sensation. Its history dates back to the 1950s when Alain Bernadin fused the traditions of Paris cabaret with US striptease taking the country by storm at the time. A new art form was born and has been going strong ever since as audiences continue to fill the stalls through fascination in seeing the female body in a novel and exciting way, but also to experience a night club which mixes a definite element of class with underground notoriety and Parisian fantasy.


One glimpse into this secretive and seductive world will have you hooked and make other shows pale in comparison. Many agree that although tables are hard to come by the ticket prices adequately reflect the quality of the entertainment offered. Paris has long been famous for its artistic and cultural underbelly producing some of the most influential art forms and artists during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Crazy Horse is no exception and continues today in the same trend, successfully blending the best of modern technology in the form of lights and staging with a centuries old fascination with the slender female shape.


The girls of the Crazy Horse club are specifically chosen not for their outstanding curves or eye-catching features but due to subtle similarities between themselves and the other dancers. They mirror eachother while dancing onstage to create a captivating display of curious unity, rather than the full-blown raucous shows of other cabarets. A new Paris show, Desirs, is set to stun and maintain the reputation of the Crazy Horse Paris, as being the most daring and sexy cabaret show in France. The inspiration for all the shows at this venue is said to be the female form, and although well-known dancers perform here, the focus is on the tableau of the women themselves, rather than the phenomenon of celebrity.




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Crazy Horse Cabaret Show with Transport
Crazy Horse Cabaret Show with Transport
Enter the world of the Crazy Horse cabaret club and wonder why you never have before. Risque and raucous the club is the perfect start to a wild and wonderful night out in Paris. Hotel pick-up and two drinks during the show are included.