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Marrakech Camel Rides - One of the Best Things to do in Marrakech


Marrakehc camel rides


Luckily, on Marrakech camel rides, the camel handlers are professionals. Once you’ve escaped the city’s centre and retreated to the rural out-backs en route to the Atlas Mountains, you can be sure that both the handlers, and the camels that you come across, are both fully prepared for your shameless inexperience. And once you’ve been prepped and have come to some level of comfort between two humps, it really begins to feel like the most natural way to view the calm, red, dusty landscapes that border the extremes of the inner city. Add this to your list of things to do in Marrakech and discover the way of life, as it once was in a city so rich in culture and tales of the past. And have a laugh while you do it!


There is no elegance in mounting a camel. And if you’re planning to do it with any grace at all, then best to not try and make it look like an attractive manoeuvre, because it isn’t. You’ve kicked you leg over a massive hump and pulled yourself over with your foot above your head. Now you’re about to slide off headfirst as the camel raises its derrière high into the air before its front legs make any attempt at the standing position. The handler rescues the slip with a firm hand on your head, pushing you right back to the saddle and telling you to lean forward until the camel has risen completely. Finally your up! You turn and give your mate a quick pout, which the camera misses as the camel takes lazy steps forward, throwing you into wobble mode with no chance of saving grace as you begin your horrific journey of realisation that synchronising your rhythm with a camels is virtually impossible. But it’s all fine, because you will always be guaranteed a memorable fit of giggles and an awesome picture of you and a dribbling camel.