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From the Berlin Wall to the Brandenburg Gate; a guide to the best-loved Berlin attractions

Things to do in Berlin, Tours and Sightseeing

From the Berlin Wall to the Brandenburg Gate;
a guide to the best-loved Berlin attractions

Sightseeing and things to do in Berlin

No bout of sightseeing in Berlin is complete without a trip to the world-famous Brandenburg Gate, an iconic symbol of the lasting splendour of Germany, along with a visit to the Reichstag, the current seat of the German parliament.

For some completely different things to do in Berlin, the city's famous zoo is one of the biggest and most diverse in the world and is perhaps most famous as the home of Knut, the first polar bear to be hand-raised and survive into adulthood at the zoo in three decades.

Introduction to Berlin

Any time spent on Berlin tours will leave the visitor in no doubt that in the two decades since the wall fell, many years worth of stifled passion and creativity has since been let loose all across the city.

Young party-goers will find no shortage of revelry with which to fill their evenings (and early hours of the morning), with everything from famous German techno music parties to LGB-oriented venues.

Berliners are also famously sports-mad, with top Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin drawing regular huge crowds to their home games at the Olympiastadion.

The city also held the Olympic Games in 1936 and the final of the 2006 Football World Cup, which saw Italy record a narrow victory over France on penalties.

This vibrant, modern and welcoming city is home to as great a diversity of things to do and see as any European capital city.

The Brandenburg Gate

Probably Berlin’s most iconic monument the Brandenburg Gate has been a backdrop during some of the most turbulent periods of Berlin’s history. Having suffered minor damage during World War II the governments of East and West Germany worked together on restoration work and thus the Brandenburg Gate has come to symbolise peace and a unified Germany.

The Remains of the Berlin Wall

Very little remains of what was, at one time, one of the world’s most infamous structures. The remnants that are scattered around the city provide a poignant reminder of the division of Germany and the plight of those who tried to cross the wall.

Checkpoint Charlie

The point at which East and West Berlin’s meet, Checkpoint Charlie has come to be a symbol of the Cold War and a divided Germany. The actual Checkpoint Charlie was torn down due to its painful memories however replicas and memorials now exist to satisfy tourists interest in this intriguing landmark.

The DDR Museum

The DDR museum aims to transform you to some of the fascinating eras of Berlin’s history. This fully interactive museums re-create not just the sights but the smells and sounds of the often turbulent city of Berlin.

Wintergarten Variety Theatre

Berlin is probably as well known for its theatre as it is for its history. The Wintergarten Variety Theatre, where world class entertainers such as acrobats and magicians present a breathtaking array of performances in a wonderful setting.

Museum Island

Museum Island is the name given to the north part of the Spreeinsel – an island in the middle of the River Spree. It is so called at here you will find many of Berlin’s finest museums including the National Gallery and the Old Museum and New Museum. Even without entering any of the museums the beautiful buildings which lead on to grand courtyards make it a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Potsdamer Place

Potsdamer Place has always been a focal point for Berlin. Marking the start of the old road to Potsdam it started as a trading post. Having been reduced to rubble during World War II it has been rebuilt to be the modern heart of Berlin. A range of striking metal and glass buildings including the famous Sony centre house some of Berlin’s most popular bars, restaurants and clubs.

Berlin Television Tower

Probably the first Berlin landmark you will lay eyes on; the Berlin Television Tower stands at 386metres and dominated the Berlin Skyline. Take the super-fast lift to the viewing platform for wonderful views of Berlin or enjoy a meal in the revolving restaurant.

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  • The Brandenburg Gate

    The Brandenburg Gate A Berlin city break is quite simply not complete without seeing the Brandenburg Gate. Located near the heart of Berlin it is likely that your travels around the city will take you past the iconic landmark at some point. It is worth planning to visit after dark though to see the Brandenburg Gate and Unter den Linden (the broad avenue which the gate overlooks) beautifully illuminated.

  • The Reichstag

    The Reichstag Following the re-unification of Germany the Reichstag, which was badly damaged during the cold war and second world wars was re-built to become a symbol of Berlin. A modern glass dome which offers panoramic views of the city was built atop the parliament building and offers wonderful views of the Berlin skyline. You can visit the dome for free but beware that there are usually very long queues.

  • The Holocaust Memorial

    The Holocaust Memorial Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial – officially called the Monument to the murdered Jews in Europe has split public opinion due to its unique design. The monument is a series of stone slabs, arranged in such as way as to create disorientation and confusion, the aim being to symbolise that at this time the Human Race lost its way.

  • Tiergarten

    Tiergarten As with all bustling world city’s Berlin has its green open spaces in which you can relax and take a break from your sightseeing. The Tiergarten began as a hunting ground for the Prussian nobility and over the years has been developed into a beautiful landscaped park complete with a range of beautiful sculptures for the benefit of Berliners and visitors alike.

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