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Alhambra Palace Tours– Discover the Eighth Wonder of the World!

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No matter where you are staying in Southern Spain you will be able to join one of the wondrous Alhambra Palace Tours. To ensure that Alhambra is preserved for generations to come only a limited number of visitors are granted entry each day. Booking an Alhambra Palace Tour is the best way to ensure you don’t miss the chance to visit this spectacular site.

The Alhambra Palace Tours will whisk you back to the mystical era when the Moors ruled. The decorative arches exude a romantic quality while the opulent carvings and rich ceramics are truly awe-inspiring. Alhambra Palace Tours will take you around the palace and its surrounds where the cool marble, intricate mosaics, ornate ceilings and lush gardens will make you feel more like Aladdin in the cave of wonders than a tourist in southern Spain!

Sit as the sultans did in the grand courtrooms and admire the fine Islamic architecture which has withstood both French attack and Spanish neglect. The Alhambra Palace is now an amalgamation of its original Moorish design and Christian and Renaissance extensions which were added throughout the 15th century. It is this constant development through different ages and rule and its evolution into the building that it is today which makes the Alhambra Palace so fascinating. Alhambra Palace Tours will divulge the Palace’s rich history, its period of grandeur as well as its tragic decline.