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The Marmara Region occupies the northwest corner of Turkey. The capital city of this region is Istanbul. Home to some magnificent architecture from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, Istanbul, beguiles the tourists with its innocent old world charm. The city that once commanded an empire (and was called Constantinople, New Rome and Byzantium), embodies centuries' worth of East-meets-West history. Today Istanbul is fast emerging as one of the most exciting night life centers in Turkey. A must visit in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar teeming with 4,000-odd stalls selling every tea set and carpet imaginable. Check out the Çuhacilar Hani, a beautiful courtyard amid shops of antique silver and gold jewellery. Another major attraction of Istanbul is the St. Savior in Chora, which houses some amazingly preserved frescoes. A not to be missed fresco is the 'Harrowing of Hell' in which Jesus breaks through Hell's gates, tramples Satan underfoot and yanks Adam and Eve from their coffins. One of the city’s must-sees is the majestic Süleymaniye Mosque, built 450 years ago atop the city’s highest hill. The mosque was built to immortalize the most powerful Ottoman sultan, Suleyman the Magnificent. The mosque still inspires awe with its massive central dome, surrounding smaller domes and pencil-thin minarets. Apart from Istanbul, other places of interest in this region include Bursa, Troy and Iznik.

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