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Situated in the north western area of Jordan, the Amman region forms the heartland of Jordan, both literally and metaphorically. Amman, a beautiful white city laid out on hilly terrain contains almost half the population of Jordan. It is a city replete with ancient history and modern comforts. The downtown area of Balad contains such gems as the citadel of Rabbath-Ammon and the Great Temple. The Jordanian Archaeological Museum houses priceless treasures like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Visit the traditional souks and bargain to your hearts content. Taste the mouth watering delicacies like Shwarma and Mansaf and bask in the hospitality of the friendly Jordanians. The town of Salt lies some 30 kilometres to the north of Amman. It was once the chief administrative centre for the surrounding area. With its beautiful Ottoman buildings and church steeples Salt oozes charm. It is also considered to be the final resting place of prophet Ayyoub (Job).A little to the southwest of Amman the desert suddenly gives way to the lush, tree covered valley of Wadi Seer. The road from here leads the fascinating Hellenistic fortress of Qasar Al Ibd and the nearby caves of Iraq Al Amir. The castle was built in the second century BC by the governor of Ammon. It is constructed from very large pieces of stone and has wonderfully sculpted figures of lions, panthers and eagles. Nearby are the mysterious caves of Iraq al Amir, which were probably used as cavalry stables. Come to the heartland of Jordan and experience the history and hospitality of Amman, linger in the charming small town of Salt and stare in awe at the sculpted lions of Qasr al Abd and the mysterious caves of Iraq Al Amir.

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