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Once known as the land of sea giants, the mountainous area of Fujairah rises like a crown from the surrounding plains and desert. Fujairah is the only Emirate that does not have a coastline on the Persian Gulf. However, it does have a wide coast extending along the Gulf of Oman. This is a haven for all lovers of water sports. Destinations around Fujairah offer snorkelling, diving, boat riding, fishing and other activities. The annual power boat racing world championship is hosted in Fujairah every year in October. Another major sport is ‘bull butting’. Fujairah has several picturesque and historic towns and villages. Al Bithna is the site of a megalithic T-shaped tomb dating back to the second millennium BC. Masafi located in the Hajar mountains is well known for its freshwater springs which provide water for extensive orchards. It has an elaborate ‘Friday market’, with articles as diverse as vegetables, woolen carpets, toys and local pottery on sale. Dibba Al Fujairah has some castles and fortresses that date back to old times. Fujairah also boasts areas of natural beauty such as the An Madhab park, and Ain Al Ghamour whose spring water is supposed to cure diseases like rheumatism, backache and arthritis. There are several wadis or seasonal riverbeds that come to life and are of extreme beauty during the rainy season - these include Wadi Ham and Wadi Al Wurayah. Try some of the water sports of the area, soak in the history of Dibba city, take a therapeutic dip in the Ain Al Ghamour, and relax by the side of one of the many wadis of Fujairah.

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