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The west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula is the most urbanised and densely populated part of the country. Malaysia 's capital, Kuala Lumpur , with its skyscrapers and the beautiful Langkawi Islands in the state of Kedah are located in this region. The west coast is made up of states that have their coastlines along the Straits of Malacca. Malacca is an ancient colonial town and an excellent example of Malaysian culture and heritage. It is the center of Peranakan culture. When Chinese settlers originally came to Malacca as miners, traders and coolies, they took local Malay brides and adopted many local customs. The result is an interesting mix of Malay and Chinese cultures. Tourists throng to the snake park in Perlis, the popular resort island of Penang and the Pangkor Island in Perak while in this region.

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West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia