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Things to do Galapagos is a hub for both adventure and nature freaks. You can go snorkeling and check out the endemic underwater fauna like the four-eyed fish and leaping dolphins. On land, meet the pre-historic Giant Galapagos Tortoise and also check out the small lizards and the Iguanas hogging pear cactus. Visit the families of albatrosses, sea lions and blue-footed boobies basking on the rocks. Go hiking and sea kayaking. Also check out all 13 Darwin Finches. Hire a boat and sail to the various islands of the Galapagos archipelago and check out the volcanic landscapes and the flora and fauna. Getting around Regular flights depart from Quito and Guayaquil to the Galapagos Islands, so reaching there is not a problem. To tour all the islands of the Galapagos archipelago, take a cruise with experienced guides and lecture services. You can also bring your own boat to the Galapagos Islands.

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The Galapagos Islands