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Above anything else, beaches define the Caribbean and the Atlantic Coast of Mexico turquoise waters rushing to embrace the soft, white grains of sand; shores curving into tranquil lagoons, inlets and coves; waves crashing against cliffs. The coast is varied and eccentric somewhere it is calm and mirror like, while at other places it is rough and turbulent. However, in both moods, it embodies the spirit of Vida Loca (crazy life). And then, against this watery backdrop are the Mayan ruins, welcoming the sun each morning and bidding it adieu in the evening. Start your fascinating journey of the Caribbean and Atlantic Coast on a high at Cancun, the glamorous beach resort. Ultra energised to laidback, choose a lifestyle that suits you, for the place is incredibly accommodating. Splash in the turquoise waters and enjoy a field day under the balmy sun. Sunbathe, swim, parasail, snorkel, surf else, enjoy water-skiing and scuba diving or go deep-sea fishing. And yes, be sure to save some energy for the night the nights here are simply rocking.

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