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Those looking for opulence will delight in the hotels,  spas and shops in Dubai

Luxury Dubai and Shopping

Those looking for opulence will delight in the hotels,
spas and shops in Dubai

Luxury Dubai

If you are lucky enough to be taking a luxury holiday in Dubai then you will be offered opulence and style beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps no other destination in the world offers its visitors such luxury. Dubai is unashamedly ostentatious; Dubai hotels are perhaps the best in the world, Dubai Spas offer a pampering experience like no other while the shops in Dubai are sure to leave their mark on even the most generous of credit card limits.

Luxury hotels in Dubai

If you want to experience the true luxury Dubai the first step is to book yourself into one of the famous luxury hotels in Dubai.

The Burj al Arab is perhaps Dubai’s best known luxury hotel. The world’s first (self awarded!) 7* hotel, it is also the tallest hotel in the world. Overlooking the Arabian Gulf the distinctive sail-shaped structure has become one of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai.

Hot on the heels of the Burj al Arab in the quest to be the finest Dubai luxury hotel is the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah. The hotel opened in November 2008 in one of the most spectacular opening ceremonies ever complete with a $16 million firework display which was visible from space.

Along with the Burj al Arab and the Atlantis Palm which are arguably the flagship luxury hotels in Dubai, there are a host of other luxury hotels including the Raffles Dubai, the Ritz Carlton Dubai and the Emirates Tower. The opening of Hydropolis, Dubai’s first underwater hotel is scheduled for 2009 and will take luxury hotels in Dubai to an exciting new level.

Luxury spas in Dubai

Anywhere in the world where you have luxury hotels you also have luxury spas, given the plethora of luxury hotels in Dubai it stands to reason that Dubai spas are some of the finest in the world. The Burj Al Arab for example has an entire floor dedicated to its spa and its attention to detail is perhaps the greatest in the world.

The wonderful thing about a Spa in Dubai is the amount of treatments available. The population of Dubai have come from all corners of the world to be a part of this flourishing city and as such you can have treatments from Thailand, the Himalayas, the Middle East and beyond

Luxury shops in Dubai

Once you have checked into your luxury Dubai hotel and have been pampered in a Dubai spa it is time for the next part of your luxury Dubai experience. Shopping in Dubai...


The Dubai shopping centres are not just places to go to "buy stuff" – they are architectural marvels designed to cater to your every whim. The most famous of all Dubai shopping centres is the Mall of the Emirates. Branding itself not as a "shopping centre" but a "shopping resort" the 223,000 square meter mall is not only home to the finest Dubai shops but an indoor ski resort, hotel, spas and an arts centre. Some of the world-renowned brands you will find here include Gucci, Bvgari, Dolce and Gabana and Tiffany & Co.

Of course the Mall of the Emirates is not the only place to shop in Dubai. Other famous Dubai shopping centres include the Mall of Arabia, the Jumeirah Plaza and the Emirates Towers Boulevard. While these fine shopping centres could possibly tempt you to splurge a large chunk of your life savings you can take solace in the fact that shopping in Dubai is tax free.

If you are coming to shop in Dubai, January and February are good times to visit, the city has its annual shopping festival (which in itself further demonstrates the passion for shopping in Dubai!) and you can get great discounts on clothes, jewellery, electric and carpets.

More Luxury Dubai....

So that’s luxury hotels, luxury spas and luxury shops… that’s luxury Dubai covered right? Wrong. In Dubai the luxury never ends and every aspect of your Dubai holiday will be planned with the greatest attention to detail. Dubai boasts the best of everything, from golf courses, to theme parks, to yacht clubs and cinemas. Arrange for a private jet to fly you over the ever -changing Dubai skyline or hire a supercar to explore for the afternoon, the possibilities in luxury Dubai are never-ending...

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