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Enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the coral reef and rain-forest islands, discovering the varied marine habitat, seeking thrill of diving and snorkeling or just relaxing on a cruise in the backdrop of one of the seven wonders of the world - whatever be your reason to visit - there are Great Barrier Reef tours to suit different personal needs. You could choose from scenic flights, day cruises or 3 to 4 day live-aboard cruises.

These Great Barrier Reef tours can take you up close to the marine life on a glass bottom boat or in an under water observatory or if you prefer aerial views then there are scenic flights that fly low over coral reef as well as fly over dense rain-forest. Depending on your swimming and diving abilities, you could choose from Great Barrier Reef cruises that include snorkeling, just an introductory dive or a series of dives in different locations to give you an experience of a lifetime in world's largest and most complex ecosystem.

The Great Barrier Reef is larger than the Great Wall of China and is a World Heritage Site. The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises over 3,000 reef systems and coral cays spread over hundreds of picturesque tropical islands with beautify sun-soaked beaches.

isango’s range of Great Barrier Reef tours and scenic flight excursions are available from Cairns, Port Douglas and Northern Beaches. Some of the famed locales covered by our Great Barrier Reef tours include Agincourt Ribbon Reef region, Cod Hole, Challenger Bay, Clam Gardens and the Temple of Doom. While the pricing is specific to the tour you buy- here are some broad guidelines. Most of the tours include hotel pick up and drop off. Excellent tropical smorgasboard lunch and morning/afternoon tea is on offer on most excursions. You pay for the introductory dive in the price of the tour and depending on your preference and expertise you can buy more dives while on-board our cruise. Linen, Towel, Snorkeling Equipment are typically included in prices. Some tour prices include glass bottom rides or underwater observatory experiences- on others these have to be paid on-board. If at any stage you feel the need please feel free to call our Customer Service and we will help you choose the tour that meets your requirements.